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April 2018

ADF adds Credit Suisse as new investor

Alternative Distribution Financing Ltd. (ADF) is pleased to announce the addition of Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd. as new investor.

Credit Suisse and ADF have signed an agreement that lays the ground for a strong relationship whereby Credit Suisse provides the liquidity for the financing of selected ADF-led transactions. Initially, Credit Suisse will be involved in accounts payable based financing programs also called Trade Payables Financing (TPF). TPF are individual facilities granted by ADF to companies across the world that wish to extend the payment terms of purchases from key suppliers without legally engaging the suppliers. Subsequently, the cooperation between Credit Suisse and ADF will also cover accounts receivable based financing programs.

Credit Suisse is very keen to participate in selected ADF programs, both receivables and payables based financing programs, and with this extend its trade financing offering to leading corporations in various industries. By participating in the ADF programs we are emphasizing our aim to reach a preferred trade finance partner status”, said Eric Balmer, Head of Credit Suisse Financing Solutions.

Kendall Stevens, CEO of GSCF Group commented: “We are very pleased with the addition of Credit Suisse as investor in our specialized financing entity ADF. It is another successful step towards consolidating ADF’s multi-funder strategy. The big advantage that this provides to companies is that they deal with one entity (ADF) and benefit from funder diversity”.

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