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Latest news and reports by ADF

Find the library of ADF’s newsletters and white paper reports about relevant matters concerning Supply Chain Finance written by our experienced team.

November 2019

Credit Insurers in the SCF market: Why they should better match product development

Credit Insurers should be mindful of developments in the SCF market and adjust their strategies in order not to lose market share to more agile players.

September 2019

Strategic Channel Financing solutions for OEMs

Read about two strategic solutions that IT OEMs can use for financing the Distribution Channel and grow sales. Additionally, a Distribution Financing case study is examined.

August 2019

ADF continues its expansion in the Americas

ADF establishes new program with a US based IT Distributor that covers trades in over 15 countries in Latin America.

August 2019

Encountering accounting issues in Reverse Factoring?

Read about the accounting issues encountered by companies utilizing Reverse Factoring for financing working capital and how these are avoided when using accounts receivable based financing programs, such as Distribution Financing.

April 2019

Floor Planning in the IT industry: Why it should come to an end

Read about the differences between Floor Planning and Supply Chain Finance solutions as alternative ways for financing the distribution channel in the IT sector.

January 2019

Credit insurance in Supply Chain Finance

This paper analyses the credit risk level in Supply Chain Finance and explains why credit insurance is used as a risk mitigation tool. The importance of the servicer as a way to maximize the benefits from credit insurance is examined.