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Latest news and reports by ADF

Find the library of ADF’s newsletters and white paper reports about relevant matters concerning Supply Chain Finance written by our experienced team.

July 2021

Video: GSCF Group celebrates its 30th anniversary

The Team remembers the path travelled, celebrates the achievements and prepares for the years to come.

June 2021

Impact of EBA’s new Definition of Default in Factoring. How Distribution Financing can help.

The European Banking Authority (EBA) has established tougher standards for the Definition of Default for banks in Europe. The new approach significantly affects Factoring facilities, penalizing larger debtors and producing higher capital requirements for banks. We think Distribution Financing might help resolve the issues.

December 2020

ADF closes 2020 with a top-up in financing programs for IT distributors

ADF reaches the end of the year with an increase in the size of various Trade Payables Financing programs for IT distributors located in Europe and the US.

October 2020

Allianz Global Investors joins ADF as new funding partner

ADF adds Allianz Global Investors as a new funder of selected ADF-led transactions, including uninsured accounts payable based financing programs as well as accounts receivable based financing programs in multiple currencies.

May 2020

Best practices for sales growth financing

This report describes two successful ways for companies to achieve sales growth via improving payment terms offered to customers. These practices have proven to be very effective at generating important benefits for companies as well as for their customers.

March 2020

Attractive solution for companies with various A/R programs

Read about how ADF can bring simplicity and efficiency to large vendors with multiple receivables-based Channel Financing programs established with different funders.