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Find the library of ADF’s newsletters and white paper reports about relevant matters concerning Supply Chain Finance written by our experienced team.

ADF Views
April 2019

Floor Planning in the IT industry: Why it should come to an end

Read about the differences between Floor Planning and Supply Chain Finance solutions as alternative ways for financing the distribution channel in the IT sector.

ADF Views
January 2019

Credit insurance in Supply Chain Finance

The paper analyses the credit risk level in Supply Chain Finance and explains why credit insurance is used as a risk mitigation tool. The importance of the servicer as a way to maximize the benefits from credit insurance is examined.

ADF Views
July 2018

4 reasons for having supply chain finance programs over one provider

Read about the four key benefits of centralizing receivables and payables based financing programs over one specialized servicing platform.

ADF News
April 2018

ADF adds Credit Suisse as new investor

Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd. joins as investor to provide liquidity for receivables and payables based financing programs granted by ADF to selected companies.