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Alternative Distribution Financing

Customized supply chain finance programs for companies worldwide

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We are a specialised funder of Supply Chain Finance programs for companies worldwide supported by a market leading proprietary technology. Our products are aimed at improving liquidity, reducing credit risk and growing sales.

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A well-structured program boosts the liquidity position of companies by unleashing cash trapped in the supply chain. Handling working capital in an efficient way allows companies to also improve their competitive advantage.

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Read ADF’s newsletters and white paper reports about relevant matters concerning Supply Chain Finance written by our experienced team.

About Us

Alternative Distribution Financing Ltd. (ADF) offers innovative solutions that help companies unleash cash trapped in working capital by structuring and financing programs based on their Accounts Receivable or on their Accounts Payable.

ADF is part of the GSCF Group based in Zug, Switzerland headed by Global Supply Chain Finance Ltd. (GSCF) the world’s leading service provider with over a quarter of a century successful experience in managing trade related programs with its proprietary technology.

ADF has access to banking and non-banking investors participating in our receivables and or payables programs. ADF works together with credit insurers for the structuring of the obligors’ non-payment risk.

ADF offers companies highly comprehensive solutions that include:

Business case Analysis

ADF studies each case to determine the feasibility of establishing a program and if positive, ADF will issue an indicative Term Sheet.


ADF defines the solution that best fits the company’s specific needs.

Operational and credit risks are minimized.

ADF is flexible to accommodate different structures and accordingly the specific company’s requirements.


ADF is the funder fronting the financing of programs.

ADF investors include bank and non-bank investors.

In this way your company deals with one financing counterpart (ADF) but still achieves investor diversification.

Program Management

ADF offers the ongoing management of programs, ensuring full automation of processes and total transparency for all stakeholders through GSCF’s technology platform.

Comprehensive reporting and monitoring capabilities, as well as tailored notifications and reconciliations are amongst the key features offered, ensuring smooth program performance.

ADF has allowed the GSCF Group to become an independent one-stop-shop for companies in search for any type of solution within the Supply Chain Finance spectrum with a diversified approach towards funding sources and credit insurers.


ADF can technically set up and manage any type of financing program within the Supply Chain Finance space. However, the company has been mainly focused on the following types of transactions:

How do ADF programs work?
We make it simple

Documentation is straightforward

In Distribution Financing, the Vendor and ADF sign a Receivables Purchase Agreement and the customers sign a Payment Agreement.

In Trade Payables Financing, the Buyer and ADF sign a Supplier Trade Settlement Service Agreement and the Suppliers sign a non-legally binding Acknowledgement Letter.

Seamless program activation and ongoing management

ADF counts with an experienced program activation team.

ADF structures each program in a fully tailored way. It undertakes the due-diligence and KYC tasks, as well as the technical and operational setup of each new program.

With its parent company GSCF as servicer, ADF manages the program processes including on-boarding of customers/suppliers, credit rating of obligors, collections, reconciliations and reporting via GSCF’s web-based, dedicated platform that provides full transparency to all parties in the program.


ADF´s investor-base is formed by bank and non-bank investors from various parts of the world. This allows ADF to accommodate large size transactions and cover a wide geographical range.

ADF works with the leading credit insurance companies in the trade finance market.


ADF may use credit insurance protection in a program or not depending on the credit quality of the obligors. Investors have full visibility over the underlying transactions in a real time basis. Investors are granted access to GSCF’s processing platform to monitor the performance of the programs they are financing.

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