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A well-structured Supply Chain Finance (SCF) program boosts the liquidity position of companies by unleashing cash trapped in the supply chain. Handling working capital in an efficient way allows companies to improve their competitive advantage and ultimately increase sales.


A SCF program can be established for companies from any industry that operate with a reduced number of key suppliers and/or a portfolio of credit-assessable buyers. SCF programs are based either on companies’ Trade Receivables or Trade Payables and can constitute a win-win solution to all stakeholders.


ADF offers comprehensive solutions that include defining the program structure that fits your company’s needs, implementing it in a short period of time, financing it at convenient rates and managing the daily administration during the entire life of the program with state-of-the-art technology.

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About ADF

About the company

The Company

Alternative Distribution Financing AG (ADF) is a financier of Supply Chain Finance (SCF) programs for companies worldwide and across industries. ADF offers innovative solutions that help companies unleash cash trapped in working capital by structuring and financing programs based on their Accounts Receivable or on their Accounts Payable. More…


Founded in 2013, ADF has allowed the GSCF Group to become an independent one-stop-shop for companies in search for any type of solution within the entire SCF spectrum. Having been in the SCF market for longer than any other servicer, GSCF has always been able to identify new opportunities and act accordingly, staying at the forefront of innovation as a trend-setter. ADF is the latest chapter in the GSCF Group successful story which still has a long and bright path to go. More…



Key benefits for companies:

  • Attractive alternative to direct bank financing
  • Achieve financing diversification
  • Access to cheaper financing
  • ADF manages all administrative requirements
  • Greater flexibility in program structuring
  • Enhance efficiency by centralizing all SCF programs with GSCF



Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance (SCF) is a concept usually linked to Accounts Payable solutions only. There are no standard definitions for SCF and confusing terms are used. The correct definition of Supply Chain Finance is very simple and as the name says, it relates to the supply chain of companies. Therefore, SCF solutions are clearly divided into two categories:

  • For companies and its buyers ⇒ Accounts Receivable based solutions
  • For companies and its suppliers ⇒ Accounts Payable based solutions


Accounts Receivable

A/R Financing

ADF can structure, implement, finance and manage all of your company’s A/R based programs, including:

  • Receivables Discounting (Factoring)
  • Extension of Payment Terms to Buyers (Sales Financing)
  • Distribution Financing


Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Supplier Financing
  • Business Case Analysis
  • Program Structuring & Implementation
  • Financing & Credit Risk Cover
  • Program Performance Management


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